Dr. Ho Email

From: M— S—
Date: Thursday, March 3, 2005
Subject: based in sound sciece!

Glad that you found Dr. Ho's infomercial so funny! The fact is that the product that he's selling is very helpful for millions of people who suffer for severe chronic pain! The device is basically what's known in the medical community as a TENS unit and is used by millions of people with Chronic pain conditions such as back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, in child birth, with sports injuries ( just about any pro athlete could tell you what it is!) the list goes on and on. A tens unit does have more settings, but is also more expensive, so this is a great option for those without insurance. I have one that I bought while I was waiting for my insurance paper work to go through, it works great- pretty much as well as the high priced unit I have except there are 2 leads , not 4. SO while I'm sure it's hokey and not well produced, like any infomercial the product is great, and DOES exactly what it claims, and way more than they are obviously being allowed to say because of their lawyers- itís not designed to be a massage system- it's for pain - severe muscle pain!

So if you want a laugh ok, but at least stop telling people that it doesn't work- it certainly does- also of course if you're going to attach electrodes to body parts the person needs to expose that body part and hence not wear much- like a bathing suit- they choose to use the hip muscle because it's a large muscle and you can see it react! You can't tell what someone else feels- but you can SEE a reaction in a muscle and see that something is obviously going on! Do research and find out what you're talking about before you spread claims!

M. S—